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We have a variety of solutions to suit your business whether it is big or small.

Market Research

As the usage of social media increases, so does the accessibility of information about your audience.  With a person having on average over 4000 data points, there has never been a time in history where marketers can gain so much insight into their audience.  By harnessing the power of this data, marketers can build a data-backed picture of their potential consumer which allows them to improve customer understanding and relationships. 

  • Use social listening to understand the key events in your clients life and build a rich picture to help you understand the segmentation in your audience
  • Understand what appeals to your audience so you can deliver clear targeted content and offers 
  • Identify who are the influencers in your market and collaborate with the right brands

Social Intelligence HQ helps businesses to understand what their potential audience wants by listening to their pain points and listen to the conversation around a particular product or service. We leverage the billions of conversations happening online every day to help you define your ideal customer persona. 

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Social Intelligence HQ Alerts

A social media monitoring service helps small to medium business harness the power of social listening and protect their business from threats to their brand or business.  

  • Comprehensive coverage of social media platforms
  • Reports delivered in real time or once a day via email
  • Understand customer sentiment
  • Be notified of potential risks or threats to your brand

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Political Social Media Monitoring 

Social media is now a necessity of political communications. As we saw in the 2016 US Presidential elections, the key candidates used social media to drive their campaign like never before.  Politicians and the media no longer control the dialogue but take their cues from social media.   

One of most significant advantages that social media can provide is access to incredible amounts of data and the real time pulse of what voter sentiment is towards you and your political party. By staying on top of what social media users and the media are saying, candidates have an unprecedented ability to weigh in with the most relevant information. Monitoring social media is a lot easier than monitoring public opinion off the street. 

Social Intelligence HQ offer a political social media monitoring service.

  • We will design a monitoring blueprint for you
  • Monitor social media platforms to understand the real issues in real time 
  • Identify key influencers so you can connect with them to amplify your message 
  • Map a path of engagement to identify how you can come up with specific messages for distinct segments of voters
  • Help you project a strong social media reputation and identify potential crises 

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Social Media Crisis Management 

What happens when you identify a potential threat or crisis to your brand? Every company will be faced with a potential crisis - it is not a matter of if, but when - and will you be ready?  Get it right, and the chance of a crisis reduces dramatically. If you get it wrong, your reputation and brand can be greatly damaged, which can damage your share price, your image and even lead you to losing your business. 

By investing now, you can protect your investment in the long term. 

Social Intelligence HQ has a team of experts that have experience in risk management, business continuity, product recall and crisis management.  

We can provide:

  • Social Media Workshops to prepare your team or a crisis and ensure that they are ready
  • Consult and advise your company when you identify a threat and help reduce a potential crisis dramatically 

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