Who Won the Social Media State of Origin?

We saw Queensland and NSW battle it out on the field for the second State of Origin match but who won the war on social media. One thing we know for sure, both sides have a very passionate supporter base and when it comes to social media, they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

QLD Fans vs NSW Fans  

In the lead up to the second State of Origin, Social Intelligence HQ ran several monitors to look at the conversations between the QLD and NSW Fans. We didn't just look at the State of Origin as one monitor - instead we broke it into the two camps and set up a unique monitor for each team. We included the most popular hashtags and terms for each side as well as searching for all the starting players names in posts.


As you can see from the above streams, NSW had an early start with 633 mentions between about 5.10pm-6.10pm vs QLD getting 496 mentions. You can also see from the size of the bubbles in the stream, more influencers were commenting about NSW than they were about QLD. Most of these influencers were deemed neutral so were not favouring NSW, more commenting about them. We also had a mention from a fairly significant influencer that was reshared by quite a few others. 

As the night progressed and the game began, the number of mentions picked up dramatically. But it was NSW that had the most mentions as the game was underway. You can see that the influencers were still commenting a lot about NSW. The comments were fairly neutral or positive. Whilst QLD had a lot of influencers talking about them, they had more negative comments. Quite surprisingly, one of the biggest influencers supporting QLD was Pauline Hanson who for the hours leading up to the game, was QLD biggest influencer. 


As you can see at the far right of the QLD stream, you can tell when the game started to change. At 9.45pm you can see how the social media mentions started to swing QLD's way. There were more mentions for QLD and more negative sentiment started to show up in the NSW stream. 


So who won the social media State of Origin?




Overall, NSW won the night with the most social media comments, having 9121 mentions and a reach of over 22 million but even though QLD had 7510 mentions and a reach of just over 10 million, they managed to win the game

Some of our favourite Tweets of the night:



Whilst social listening can provide some fun on State of Origin night, it really can provide awesome insights into your business and your industry. 




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